THE ALTARPIECE:  Marguerite often told the story of how the Holy Cross Fathers offered her the old altarpiece from St Birgitta’s House on the Piazza Farnese in Rome.  They had a residence there for a while in the 19th century.  Somehow, they took the painting and a few other bits of grill (?) to Notre Dame U in Indiana, and they now felt that the picture should be back in a Birgittine house.  It was returned very soon after the Sisters arrived.  Beyond that, I know little else.  In my BIRGITTA bibliography, I list some writings of the 19th -cent Catholic (convert, I think) ELIZA ALLEN STARR, who writes about St Birgitta and mentions seeing “grills” at  Notre Dame.

Notes from Dr. Albert Ryle Kezel email of July 28, 2019